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Courses and Stages

Beginners climbing course

An ideal course for people that have never been rock climbing before or did it that just a few times. You will have the chance to make the first vertical experiments and you can start building your own relationship with vertical rock walls. In order to progress faster and safer, I will teach you the best practices from the technical basis of moving up to the correct reading of routes. We will also go through the safety devices and knots and their correct use.

Number of partecipants Min/Max 4-8

Advanced climbing course

An ideal course for people with a basic preparation and knowledge of rock climbing. I will share with you my knowledge of more efficient moving techniques and we will improve your lead climbing progression. A very important space will be dedicated to the proper way of belaying during lead climbing so that you can always trust your climbing partners!  We will explore different kinds of climbing grounds, to discover how each should be best approached.

Number of partecipants Min/Max 4-8

Multipitch sport climbing course

Longer rock walls and exposition, all with the safety of an equipped spot. The goal of this course is to learn the proper course of actions and techniques to climb a multipitch sport route with the maximum safety, both ascenting and descenting. We will learn the basics in a crag and we will then apply them on an actual multipitch route.

Number of partecipants Min/Max 4-6

Mountaineering course

Alpine environments are the most fascinating of all .

Crampons, ice axes, bolts, hammer and cams: these tools represent the classic alpine fashion, probably one of the most gratifying ways to explore the mountains.

There are two different possibiities for this course. One in winter conditions and one on rocky terrains typical of  the other seasons. Our objective will be to learn the best approach based on the peculiarities of the environmental conditions, in order to lower the risks and improve the performance!

Number of partecipants Min/Max 4-6

Climbing self-rescue course

Intended for people with a basic mountaineering knowledge, this course will allow you to learn all the tecniques needed for self-rescue during climbing. It’s really useful to face all the unpredictable situations possible during either alpine or sport climbing. This course will last two days, and will be taught at a local crag. Both basic actions (with a collaborating injured) and more complex actions (with an unconscious injured) will be explained and practiced.

Number of partecipants Min/Max 4-6