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Summer activities


Before spits, fixs an so on appeared and spread all around the mountains, mountaineers searched the weaknesses of a wall on order to climb it. Dihedrals, chimneys, cracks and holes-filled slabs were the most climbed grounds as they offered natural protections. From a certain point of view, it was a very fascinating way to approach the mountains. This is an old fashion but extremely fascinating way of climbing. It allows climbers to leave the moutains untouched and let’s more experienced climbers facing critical choices in terms of route and safety. It’s an all-round experience that will leave you in awe.

Trad climbing

Friends, nuts, jams, are you ready to change the rules of the game? Trad (as traditional) climbing turns climbing into a fairer play. We will climb up protecting ourselves with removable protections, leading to a complitely different evaluation of the ascent, both more challenging and more fulfilling! Beyond the technical tools, our attention will focus on climbing techniques useful to climb cracks, dihedrals and roofs.