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My Story

Climbing. Or better, the mountains.

An hidden passion suddenly coming to the surface at the age of 27.

It all started with hiking and via ferratas, but soon after I discovered rock climbing and fell in love with it. It gave me the opportunity to meet awesome people since my very first alpine climbing courses with Alpine Guides Oreste Bottiglieri and Giancarlo Maritano. Their teachings were a turining point in my life that made me realise I wanted to learn everything about the mountain environments and sports. I started frequently travelling to the Alps, both in the Northwest and the Dolomite areas. I was lucky to live many outdoor adventures and I eventually managed to climb some classic routes.

This ever growing passion led me to the idea of becoming an Alpine Guide. So here I am, ready to share my passion and let you experience the most beautiful places on Earth, enjoying many unforgettable adventures!