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Winter activities

Winter mountaineering

Exploring the mountains in winter it’s pure adrenaline as snow totally changes the game and the landscapes!

You will learn how to use ice axes and crampons in order to reach the top of wonderful peaks across the Appennini chain. In addition, I’ll provide you with the necessary skills to ensure the safety of the expedition thanks to the use of ARTVA, probe and shovel.

Snow safety

A Snow Safety day is dedicated to all people, regardless of their level, who want to safely experience the mountains in winter conditions.

We will focus on the actions that need to be undertaken in the event of an avalanche. ARTVA, probe and shovel can seem relatively simple tools, but during an avalanche accident things are gonna be much harder. We have to face the restricted amount of time (under 20 minutes) that is needed to extract someone alive, the increased stress and disorientation related to the shock and we need to know how to act quickly and precisely. It’s all about your and your partners’ life!

Snowshoe days

What’s more fascinating than leaving you’re own trace on the perfect, fresh snow cover? What’s more beautiful than a landscape covered in shiny white snow?

Forests turned into a white dream will make you feel like you’re  landing in a completely new world!

With snowshoes you will be able to experience this magic atmosphere and I will show you all that nature can offer in winter.